Take Control of Your Health with Rxercise

The Rxercise Program has been developed by physical therapists and
exercise physiologists and was designed with the goal of increasing participation in wellness and general fitness programs, especially by way of referrals from medical doctors.

Rxercise is a wellness program that was designed to give medical doctors a legitimate and consistent medically based exercise recommendation option for their patients. Physicians have many drug choices with which to treat a variety of conditions, but Rxercise allows the physician to prescribe, or recommend, 'exercise' to the patients who would greatly benefit from a proper program.

With the participant's consent, Rxercise provides the physician with health status information, excercise tracking, and progress made in areas such as strength, flexibility, mobility, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and measurements of cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels.

This program is administered by qualified licensed personnel and only at specifically licensed facilities.

NOTE: A recent survey found that nearly 65% of patients would be more interested in exercising to stay healthy if advised by their doctor and given additional resources.


Our goal at Rxercise is to make those resources available and understandable not only to doctors, but also to their patients.