The Rxercise Program has been developed by physical therapists and exercise specialists and was designed with the goal of increasing participation in wellness and general fitness programs, primarily by individuals who have not been regular exercisers.

Having worked extensively with therapy patients, exercise participants, and medical caregivers, a significant void was noted between the medical caregivers (primarily physicians), the wellness/fitness ‘community’, and the population of individuals who need exercise the most. Not only are most fitness clubs not appealing to the people who need them the most, there are very few programs which take into account the specific medical history of participants and which use valid, reproducible biometric measures to track the efficacy of the exercise programs being performed. In addition, with the wide array of certifications available for ‘personal training’, there are very few exercise programs designed, implemented, and tracked by personnel with a background in exercise science.

Rxercise is a program which works in two main areas. First, it offers a specific wellness program which gives medical caregivers a consistent, valid, and measureable exercise recommendation for their patients. And second,  it provides fitness facilities with the tools to attract, and benefit, the significant portion of the population who need to exercise the most (and who are usually not currently fitness center members).

The program fills a need for the expertise of ‘medical exercise specialists’ to assist in maximizing the benefits of wellness related exercise. And it provides a level of confidence for physicians and other caregivers who would like to incorporate exercise and wellness as part of the treatment plan for their patients.




NOTE: Studies show that minor changes in diet and exercise yield big returns in health and general wellness as well as positive measurable differences in health risk indicators. Our focus is to make those positive differences easier to achieve.