The Rxercise Medical Wellness Program has been designed with efficacy in mind.  The benefits of exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle are continually touted in the media and in medical studies, but with the wide array of programs, facilities, plans, promises, and 'gimmicks' available in the area of 'wellness/prevention', it is hard to distinguish exactly what may, or may not, be a significant tool in making an economic impact on the bottom line of a company's health care costs. 


The Rxercise program identifies modifiable risk factors, as many programs do, but it also measures biometric data including weight, HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, blood pressure, total cholesterol/HDL ratio, LDL cholesterol, body composition, triglycerides, and blood sugar, and re-assesses at a minimum of every 3 months.  Data can be queried to verify the results of the program in a variety of different ways. 


For more information on the Rxercise Medical Wellness Program, call (225) 810-3360, or email info@rxercise.com.

NOTE: The Rxercise Program not only identifies modifiable risk factors, but also measures biometric data and re-assesses it at a minimum of every 3 months.