Welcome to the Rxercise Medical Wellness Program:
“Fitness from the inside out”


What is Rxercise?


The Rxercise program was designed to give medical doctors a legitimate and consistent medically based exercise recommendation option for their patients. Physicians have many drug choices with which to treat a variety of conditions, but Rxercise allows the physician to ‘prescribe’, or recommend, exercise to the many patients who would greatly benefit from a proper program.

With the participant’s consent, Rxercise provides the physician with health status information, exercise tracking, and progress made, in areas such as strength, flexibility, mobility, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and measurements of cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels.



Do I have to have a doctor's prescription to participate in the Rxercise program?


No, a doctor’s prescription, or referral, is not required for participation in the Rxercise medical wellness program. All individuals, whether they come from a physician or not, are asked if they would like their health status information shared with their medical doctor. Rxercise highly recommends including the physician as their input is very important with regard to underlying medical conditions, but a referral is not required.



Is Rxercise part of a health club membership?


No, the Rxercise medical wellness program is offered through specifically licensed fitness facilities, and the program differs from a typical health club membership. It includes an evaluation, personal wellness profile, a specifically tailored exercise program, supervised work out sessions, education, and much more. The program runs in 3 month increments.



Is Rxercise the same as Personal Training?


Rxercise has specifically trained and designated staff members who evaluate, design programs, supervise exercise sessions, and provide education all with current and past medical history issues in mind. It is not a ‘pay per session’ type of personal training program.



What is the cost of Rxercise and what is included in the program?


The Rxercise medical wellness program operates in 3 month intervals. The initial 3 month course includes a detailed evaluation and any needed communication with the medical doctor in order to establish a history, baseline data, and a plan of action. Then, a specific program is tailored which addresses all appropriate goals and takes into account any particular medical problems or conditions. Once the plan is established, exercise sessions are scheduled by appointment and all instruction, training, and supervision is done by medical wellness personnel. Typically, sessions are scheduled 2-3 times per week, however participants can come in for exercise as often as they would like. During the 3 month program, modifications are made to the exercise program as needed, and nutritional and educational sessions are also offered at various times. Upon completion of the initial 3 months, a re-assessment is performed and health status information is updated. Progress is reported both to the participant and the medical doctor, and a new, updated plan is established. Participants may continue on the program for the next 3 months, at a lesser rate, or may chose to join the fitness facility (or go to one of their choosing) to continue their exercise independently.


Does insurance pay for Rxercise?


As of now most insurance companies do not reimburse for preventive or wellness services, but with the type of health status tracking that Rxercise maintains, hopefully that will change soon. It is proven that wellness saves insurers and employers significant money in the area of health care costs. Rxercise tracks all participants’ health status information over the course of the program and the benefits are indisputable. Rxercise is currently working with both insurance providers and employers on ways to reward participants for making positive changes in their health.


How do I get more information about Rxercise?


The Rxercise medical wellness program is administered only by licensed, qualified personnel. Contact the Rxercise affiliated fitness center most convenient for you and set-up an initial consult. There is no charge for the consult and it will allow you to have questions answered, see the facilities, and discuss options for your particular situation.


Program Highlights:


* Personally designed exercise programs
* Supervised exercise sessions
* Tracking of progress made
* Communication with doctors/healthcare providers
* Nutritional education
* Stress reduction
* Smoking cessation
* No ‘fad diets’
* Focus on behavior modification and lifestyle changes
* Affordable, no long term contracts

NOTE: Rxercise provides the physician with health status information, exercise tracking, and progress made.