A New Prescription for Wellness

The Rxercise Medical Wellness program gives you, the physician, the ability to recommend a program, designed by medical professionals, to address exercise and proper nutrition, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and lifestyle changes. It is a ‘recommendation/suggestion’ you can make, as the treating physician, which has the potential to significantly change the status of a patient’s overall health.

The recommendation to participate in Rxercise is yours. The choice to take the personal responsibility to explore the program is your patient's. And the job of utilizing exercise and education to make a positive impact on your patient’s health belongs to Rxercise.


Rxercise is the exercise component for EVERY treatment plan.


With such a wide array of health club facilities and fitness instructors available in the community (most with no medical background), it is extremely difficult to know just what an individual, or patient, is getting when they attempt to begin an exercise program. Rxercise provides a way in which you, the physician, can feel comfortable recommending exercise knowing that the program is designed and administered by personnel with backgrounds in areas such as physical therapy, athletic training, exercise physiology, nursing, etc… And, as with other medical specialists who assist in the care of your patients, the Rxercise program provides report summaries and trending information for you to keep in the patient’s medical record.

The Rxercise program is based on supervised exercise and wellness coaching. It helps patients identify modifiable risk factors and then initiates a plan to make positive changes. Rxercise combines an exercise program with education and awareness training in the areas of exercise (basic body anatomy and the physiology of strength and aerobic training), nutrition (basic caloric make-up and making appropriate choices), stress reduction, smoking cessation, and taking personal responsibility for a healthy lifestyle. It is NOT about ‘fad’ diets or any specific supplement products. It is about making exercise and better nutrition a consistent part of one’s daily lifestyle.


Rxercise identifies major risk factors and health findings via measures in: 

* weight
* HDL cholesterol
* total cholesterol,
* blood pressure
* total cholesterol/HDL ratio
* LDL cholesterol,
* body composition
* triglycerides
* and blood sugar

(*blood test results via Cholestech LDX machine or via blood panel info provided by the physician office).


Rxercise is ideal for those patients who have never exercised consistently before, or for those who may be ‘intimidated’ by health/fitness clubs. It is also the answer for those individuals who have musculoskeletal excuses for being de-conditioned and not exercising. Exercise programs can be tailored to accommodate for pain problems, and the program works closely with physical therapists so that strength and cardiovascular progress can be made even while treatment may be on-going for particular joint or muscle dysfunction.

Rxercise patients are evaluated and a personalized exercise program is established based upon specific needs. Exercise sessions are scheduled by appointment, supervised, and modified as needed over the initial 3 month program. After the 3 months, patients are re-assessed and information is reported both to the patient and to the medical doctor. The 3 month program time allows time for progress to be made, and noticed, by the participant, but it is not as ‘threatening’ as the year long commitment of most fitness facilities. Also, scheduling appointments has a tremendously positive effect on attendance and compliance, as does having constant supervision and feedback during all exercise sessions.

Along with the exercise portion of the program, instructional sessions which address specific topics such as nutritional awareness, smoking cessation, and coping with stress are offered at various times. Participants are encouraged to attend any sessions which are applicable to their particular situation.

In order to assist medical caregivers with referring or ‘suggesting’ exercise for patients, Rxercise utilizes a referral form (see below) which allows specific information to be provided (when applicable). Participants are not required to present a referral, but Rxercise exercise specialists will always ask permission to contact a participant’s primary caregiver to make sure there are no significant contraindications with regard to medical conditions.


CLICK HERE to view a sample of our Referral Form


The physician has the flexibility to give the referral as simply a suggestion or recommendation, or if desired, a copy of the referral can be faxed to the participating fitness facility and the patient will be contacted regarding setting up an initial consult visit.


All potential participants are introduced to the program by way of a FREE consultation. 
This is done with the program coordinator and it is used to provide detailed information on the program and to allow the individual to see the facilities and ask any questions they
may have.

When someone chooses to begin the program, either via referral from a physician or on their own, an individual, personalized assessment is performed. The information gathered is used both to design the individual’s program and to have a reference point to compare to in the 3 month follow-up measures.


The Rxercise Medical Wellness program is a private pay program but is structured to be affordable for participants. While typical ‘personal training’ fees range from $50-$100 per session, Rxercise is considerably less.

There is absolutely nothing to lose, and your patients have a multitude of benefits to gain. Remove the ‘guesswork’ from suggesting exercise and proper nutrition and let the positive health changes from Rxercise supplement the care you provide every day. Consultations are FREE of charge and provide all the information your patient needs to start on a structured wellness program.

In the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Dutchtown areas, the Rxercise program is offered at these locations:

Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness - 7069 Perkins Rd. - Baton Rouge
Peak Performance Physical Therapy - 11320 Industriplex Blvd. - Baton Rouge Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness - 145 Aspen Sq. - Denham Springs
Peak Performance Physical Therapy - 36491 Dutchtown Gardens Ave. - Geismar


For more information, please contact the Rxercise office at: (225) 810-3360.

NOTE: Rxercise provides feedback to referring physicians by way of a ‘Personal Wellness Profile’ summary report which identifies scores in a multitude of important areas.